HazSim Pro3

The world’s most innovative and effective hazmat training system.

Unlimited. The Pro 3 is LTE connected. As long as there is a signal, you are training. We have options for rare venues with connection challenges.  There is also an option to connect to any Wifi to always keep connected.

The system is completely customizable and can replicate virtually any meter and meter configuration.  As it is cloud connected, when new meters are created they can be pushed to your system.  A user can also create their own layout, alarms, and ranges.

HazSim teamed up with Dräger to replicate all of their most popular meters. Even the alarms sound exactly the same!

Yes. The instructor can pose questions to trainees during the training exercise. The system is loaded with subject matter specific questions, or you can create your own questions based on your local criteria. The student receives the question on the handheld; the system tracks and records the answers.

The system is completely expandable. More handhelds can be added.
Yes, since the system is cloud connected you will receive updates and pay a yearly software fee. The yearly access can be bundled and paid up front.

If you choose to not renew your access subscription you will not be able to receive updates, or upload training data.  LTE coverage will also be disabled.

The HazSim Pro2 is an outstanding training platform but it is not cloud connected, so you cannot receive real-time system updates, training tools or have unlimited range between the tablet and handheld units.

If you are a current customer you can trade in your earlier version for the newest system. With the Pro3 you will be able to receive updates and any new meters.

The Pro3 passes CE and Mil spec and can handle drops, spills and the rigors of frequent training.

Yes. HazSim is a firefighter owned company and has always stood by our product. Ask any of our current customers and you will find we take care of you. If you are not training, we are not doing our job.

Yes. We have lease, rental, trade-in and lower upfront-cost options designed to get you out training. First-responder and veteran-owned companies are eligible for special discounts. Ask your tax advisor which of the several leasing tax incentives will benefit you.

Yes. We offer on-site implementation training, customer support, and quick drill tips to ensure your team is ready to train!  We can also push training content to your system.

Anyone who is in a job that requires the use of a real handheld detection device should receive training with a HazSim. The system is used across several industries including oil and gas, fire department, public works, confined space, military, HAZWOPER and more.

The software on the instructor tablet provides direction to create the perfect training scenario for your students. We can make your training realistic and improve retention for your students. The training is recorded and trackable to ensure compliance with your CEU requirements.

With the Pro3 you can not only ask the student questions, but also tag and photo their performance for later review. We are developing the ability to connect to most major training platforms to track continuing education for internal training records and ISO requirements. 

The basic single unit system will have one instructor tablet and one HazSim handheld in a rugged case with everything you need to get started.

Many agencies use HazSim during tabletop drills to invoke realistic stress since the trainee must read and react to readings displayed on the HazSim during the scenario. When the HazSim readings are given back to command over the radio, command must then take proper actions based on those readings — this enhances the training realism for all participants.

HazSim is in use by hundreds of agencies across the US and Canada and we now have HazSim deployed in South Korea, Australia, and Europe.

Yes. HazSim has been purchased with local, HMEP, LEPC, UASI, SHGP, Firehouse Subs, and many other grants including private grants (local target hazard companies assisting their responders). We offer pricing to fit most budgets and can assist with grant language.

We work with several outstanding dealers. Fill out the fields to the left and click on the Request Info button. Then we can get you on your way to great training. We also have purchase and lease options to fit your budget.

We have several outstanding dealers. Fill out the form and we can get you on your way to great training.  We also have purchase and lease options to fit your budget.