2019 Pricing

SKU Product Name Description MSRP Gov. Rate
SYS2001 HazSim Pro 2.0 System One (1) HazSim Pro 2.0 handheld with one (1) convertible instructor server. $9,499.99 $8,549.99
SYS2002 Dual HazSim Pro 2.0 System Two (2) HazSim Pro 2.0 handhelds with one (1) convertible instructor server. $15,999.99 $14,399.99
HND2222 HazSim Pro 2.0 Handheld One (1) HazSim Pro 2.0 handheld only.* $7,999.99 $7,199.99
TAB2222 HazSim Pro 2.0 Instructor Server One (1) HazSim Pro 2.0 convertible laptop/tablet instructor server only. $1,799.99 $1,619.99
LAN HazSim LAN HazSim Local Area Network $399.99 $359.99
TRN1001 HazSim System Implementation Four (4) hour on-site implementation of the HazSim System by a certified HazSim Implementation Specialist. $2,400.00 N/A
WAR9999 HazSim Extended Warranty Manufacturer's extended warranty includes protection from defects for up to three (3) years. See policy for details. $999.99 N/A

*HazSim Pro 2.0 handhelds can only be used in configuration with HazSim instructor servers.

HazSim rental program coming soon! Contact your HazSim representative for details.

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