HazSim Rentals

Train safer and starter with HazSim

Rent a System

In order for your instructors to learn the system and customize  meter  sets, questions, alarms, etc, HazSim  will ship your team a system at least 7 to 14 days prior to the start of your training. Systems are very intuitive and easy to use but HazSim specialists are available for over-the- phone support 24/7.

Pricing starts at $999.99 for a Dual HazSim GO Trainer and $1,199.99 for a Dual HazSim Pro 2.0If your team later  decides to purchase a system100of the rental fee will be applied to your purchase if made within 12 months.

Hire a Specialist

Schedule an on-site training with one of our certified HazSim Specialists to help train your team for a half day, full day, or multiple days. Rates vary depending on length of training, type  of  training,  and  number  of students.


Safely engage students.


Verify student understanding.


Encourage critical thinking.