About HazSim

Learn About HazSim – the Mission, Value, & Visions that have driven us so far. HazSim has grown from a concept to an internationally recognized Hazmat training simulator. Our growth has been exponential this past year. Scroll Down to Read More.

Who We Are

We are First Responders, just like you.

HazSim was developed by Firefighters / Hazardous Materials Specialists, whom after many years in the field, set out to fill a critical gap in Hazmat training.

As a result of that vision, HazSim products have redefined how specialists in hazardous environments are trained for life safety by providing unprecedented realistic education through virtual simulation. Authorized HazSimTrainers offer front line responders and Hazmat workers live, on-location, real-time simulations that are set to mirror the most dangerous environments. Creating these virtual HazSim situations pioneers a new road for improving response time, reaction skills, and overall safe management of potentially life-threatening situations.

Our Mission

To create life-saving experiences through hands-on training.

Our Vision

To equip first responders and hazmat workers across the globe with safe, interactive hazmat training experiences that will keep them as well as others protected out in the field.

Our Core Values

Loyalty to our customers, employees, partners, and the hazmat community as a whole.

Commitment to continuously adapt with technology and industry trends so that we can provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable hazmat training solutions available.

Efficiency with our products and services to promote efficiency in your hazmat training.

Safety is not only one of our top priorities, we consider it a core value. HazSim started based on a universal need for hazmat training solutions that are fully interactive, completely engaging, and entirely safe.

Hazsim Gives Back

HazSim is a proud sponsor of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network who recognizes the positive effects of the HazSim simulation device. We are happy to discuss with you ways your agency, company or department can donate a portion of your purchase to this important non-profit.

Why HazSim is Different?

The ONLY Hazardous Material Simulator SYSTEM of its kind that includes Multi-Gas, WMD and Radiation Readings.

The HazSim system offers a complex and thorough air monitoring & gas detection simulation system that uses a customizable software program to send dynamic, real time hazardous material (Hazmat) readings to the HazSim meter, creating the most realistic hazmat training available today.

Rugged, realistic, patented “drop safe” handheld units are easy to read and exclusive to the HazSim system.

Train Safer and Smarter.Not Harder

The HazSim systems are created to be a self-contained training system that is easily utilized by your training department, staff or clients who monitor hazardous environments.

Unlimited Training Scenarios

HazSim systems offer unlimited training scenarios with a fully customisable 4 gas, 5 gas, 6 gas, including WMD and radiation, custom alarms, custom language and much more.

Help you Train at ANY Level

HazSim is NOT just for Hazmat. Our systems allow for easy training of any first responder or industry worker expected to utilize a gas or radiation detection device. We are just a few click away.

HazSim Across the USA and Canada

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