HazSim Pro to 2.0
Trade-In Program

In an effort to remain loyal to past customers, HazSim is offering a trade in program for those who have purchased the original HazSim Pro system.

Step One

Email info@hazsim.com the following information:

  • Subject: Trade-In Request
  • Email body: Your Name, Department, PO number used, and the date of original HazSim Pro purchase
  • Photos of the front and back of the HazSim Pro handheld while turned on, front and back of the HazSim Pro instructor laptop or tablet while turned on, and the HazSim Pro hard side case open

Step Two

  • After the HazSim team has reviewed your email, a shipping label will be sent to you via email.
  • Use the shipping label provided to send your HazSim Pro back to us.

Step Three

Receive up to $3,600 credit towards the purchase of your new HazSim Pro 2.0!

hazsim hazmat

Equipment & Trade-In Value

Equipment Trade-In Value
HazSim Pro Handheld $3,000
HazSim Pro Instructor Tablet $300
HazSim Pro Instructor Laptop $300
HazSim Pro LAN $100
HazSim Pro Case $200

Download This Information In PDF Format

For more info: 310-997-9030 , info@hazsim.com

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