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Emergency Response Training


HazSim Systems

HazSim simulates all Gas, Chemical and Radioactive (CBRNE) environments. This hands-on, realistic, and interactive hazmat simulator experience increasing the effectiveness of your training for HazMat, USAR, Confined Space or anywhere portable detection devices would be used to monitor the environment.

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Safely Engage Your Team

If you are still using outdated training methods that include the use of real meters as “props” along with written or verbal cues meant to represent device readings, it is time to see the HazSim difference.

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Reduce Incidents, Reduce Risks, Reduce Deaths

Make sure they know what to expect in an emergency situation. High risk occupations require hands on training and HazSim enables you to offer the most effective training available today.

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Not All Dangers Are The Same

Hands-on Interactive Training Helps Workers in Dangerous Jobs Avoid Deadly Mistakes

Ready for hands-on evolution using HazMat Simulator, HazSim Pro
HazMat training with HazSim Pro

HazSim Pro Experts believe that highly interactive and simulated environments make students more motivated to learn about those dangers and avoid them.  HazSim is an industry leader in training for hazardous materials, bio chemicals and radioactive environments.  No other training device at any price offers you the ability to mimic real hazardous environments where trainees are faced with the possible dangers of their job.  Train safer, not harder with HazSim.   

HazSim First Responder

The HazSim FR is a tool specifically designed for the smaller fire agency. It is an entry level model that offers a full suite of gas and radiation meters, the addition of a custom alarm feature at no extra cost.

Hazsim First Responder

Features: – 6+ multi-gas and radiation meters in one – Radiation meter standard in all models – Custom Alarm editor included ($149 value) – Advanced Meter Option Packages available – Long Range - up to 1000 meters open space – Patent D 724,963 and multiple patents pending – Rugged Patent Pending design with Stainless Steel hardware – Limited One Year Warranty – Custom Pelican Case – HazSim First Responder System Starts at: $5,450

HazSim Pro

The HazSim Pro is our top of line simulator. It is fully customizable and offers the largest suite of training scenarios for the HazSim family of training products. Included in the base model is a jump up from 6+ of the HazSim First Responder to a full-service suite of 18 multi-gas meters.

Hazsim Pro

– Over 18 different meters included – Exclusive Interactive feature - with full edit capability to write your own questions – Multi-gas - Four, five, or six gas meter display which includes Oxygen, Lower Explosive Limit, – Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Chlorine, Ammonia, and more – Radiation - alpha, beta and gamma – Alarm Edit - Ability to change the default setting where HazSim alarms – Individual Gas Feature - Display only one gas for specific industry training – Carbon Monoxide and Chlorine, Phosgene, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and more – PID Package – Multi-gas meters which include PID IBUT, ch4, and CO2 in ppm – Patent D 724,963 and multiple patents pending – Questions Package - set of questions focused on specific training areas – Includes DOT/ERG, Radiation, Confined Space, and more – Extension Option - ability to create unlimited training range – Optional Probe - for confi¬ned space training – Optional Chemical Weapons Detector – HazSim Pro Starts at: $6950.00

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HazSim redefines hazardous materials training by providing unprecedented realistic education through virtual simulation. HazSim offers front line responders and Hazmat workers live, on-location, real-time simulations that are set to mirror the most dangerous environments. Creating these virtual HazSim situations pioneers a new road for improving response time, reaction skills, and overall safe management of potentially life-threatening situations.

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Feed back about Hazsim training system

</p> <p>I use the HazSim to train students in proper air monitoring techniques. The HazSim lets me observe the students performing this task from a distance, so I do not influence their decisions. It is remarkable to see how students react to making their own decisions. The HazSim is a great training tool that I use for HazMat, Confined Space, Hot Work Permitting and general air monitoring technique scenarios.</p> <p>

Greg Lauf-All Risk Training:

</p> <p>One of the most common problems with training is creating scenarios with real time feedback. HAZSIM is the solution for providing real time feedback and it allows you to simulate scenarios as they would actually happen in the field. I highly recommend HAZSIM if you are looking for a way to engage your members in their training.</p> <p>

Jeff Brooks:

</p> <p>“Students in a hands-on class using HazSim said their training & overall learning experience was enhanced by having real readings from an instrument rather than by cue cards.”</p> <p>

– Ken Riddle, Deputy Chief (Ret) Executive Director, NFCA:

</p> <p>“Excellent solution! Looking forward to using it in multiple scenarios.”</p> <p>

– Safety Manager, BioTech Company:

</p> <p>“I have worked for a major Southern California law enforcement agency for the past 21 years, 11 of which have been as a CBRN Hazardous Materials Specialist. I can think of at least half a dozen instruments my unit deploys that we can utilize HazSim to train with on a regular basis.”</p> <p>

Deputy Sheriff responsible for Hazmat/WMD response and Preparedness:

</p> <p>“This instrument can make training as close to real as you can get!”</p> <p>

– Firefighter/HazMat Specialist Northern VA:

</p> <p>“We were spending a fortune on repairs to front line meters being damaged during drills!”</p> <p>

–Training Academy Instructor and HazSim customer: