HazSim Pro

HazSim Pro Training System Has Been Used To Improve Safety For Those Working In Dangerous Environments across the U.S. since 2011.

*Current Pro customers eligible for upgrade.

Pro Systems available in limited supply.

Rugged, Effective, & Affordable

HazMat System

  • Ruggedized handheld ‘HazSim’ meter. Becomes over 18 different meters.
  • Weatherproof Long Range LAN (Internet not needed, gets things connected)
  • Instructor Tablet (The server, where the instructor works the magic)
  • Power Cords Pelican Case (included, not shown)
  • Confined Space Probe (not shown)
Lots Of Meters In One

All in One

  • Over 18 different meters included (shown as a 5gas with Ammonia)
  • Ruggedized housing, touch screen (For the interactive feature)
  • Multi-gas – Four, ­five, or six gas meter display which includes Oxygen, Lower Explosive Limit
  • Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfi­de, Hydrogen Cyanide, Chlorine, Ammonia, and more
  • Radiation – alpha, beta and gamma
  • Audible Alarms
  • Individual Gas Feature – Display only one gas for specific industry training
  • PID Package – Multi-gas meters which include PID IBUT, ch4, and CO2 in ppm
  • Confined Space Probe (not shown)
Improve Your Students' Situational Awareness

Interactive Learning

  • Interactive – know exactly where your students are at on subjects
  • Instructor can send questions related to evolution in real time
  • Student answers questions via touch screen on HazSim
  • Questions Package – set of questions focused on specific training areas
  • Customized questions (RAD, FRO, ConSpace, Meter Basics)
  • Alarm Edit – Ability to change the default setting where HazSim alarms
hazsim pro hazmat
hazsim pro hazmat
Funding And Grants Available

Affordable Pricing

  • Pro System – Payment options available, contact us for pricing
  • Scalable – Additional handheld can be added for discounted price
  • Regional multi-unit and other price advantages offered
  • Purchased via UASI, HMEP, LEPC, Corporate Giving Programs, and other Fed, State and Local Grants. Contact us for assistance
  • Multiple Patents Granted and Pending, Sole Source Pricing
  • Outstanding customer and warranty support – we need you out training!
  • Save on repairs by NOT over using front line equipment in training
  • Can be used in field and classroom training to reinforce basics

*Current HazSim Pro customers eligible for upgrade. Contact us for info.

Detailed video on setting up the system and how to use

HazSim is a state of the art training tool, it equips your HazMat teams and first responders with a realistic situational learning experience.  HazSim simulates Chemical and Radioactive (CBRNE) environments.  This hands-on, realistic, and interactive experience increases the effectiveness of your training for HazMat, USAR, Confined Space – Anywhere portable detection devices would be used to monitor the environment.

HazSim Pro Refurbished - Available.

With Full Warranty!

HazSim Pro Systems available in limited supply Now. Contact us for pricing and more details.