HazSim, Hazmat Nation Raise Money for Firefighter Cancer

HazSim and Hazmat Nation hosted its 5th annual networking event at IAFC’s hazmat conference and raised money for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network

More than 200 hazmat professionals attended the fifth annual Hazmat Nation networking event last week in Baltimore in conjunction with the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ hazmat conference.

“This gathering has been a great way for hazmat professionals to meet in a relaxed setting, to make new connections, and to share their trials, tribulations and success with those working through similar issues,” said Phil Ambrose, inventor and CEO of HazSim. “This year, we wanted to take it a step further.”

Hazmat Nation and HazSim used the event to raise money for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. The pairing made sense as responder cancer and hazmat are so closely, and unfortunately, linked.

“We are grateful, though not surprised, by how well received the fundraiser was by hazmat professionals,” Ambrose said. “We were testing the waters this year, with a goal of making the fundraising a bigger part of our event next year and in the years to come. We are strong believers in the work and mission of FCSN, and it appears the hazmat community is as well.”

FCSN, a national nonprofit with more than 250 volunteers nationwide, has been serving firefighters battling cancer since 2005. “FCSN is grateful for the support of HazSim and Hazmat Nation to help our mission, to assist firefighters and EMS providers and their immediate families diagnosed with cancer by providing critical support, training and guidance,” said Bryan Frieders, President of FCSN and retired fire chief of the Pasadena Fire Department in California.  “Their meaningful contribution helps us deliver our free toolboxes and unique badge to badge mentorship program to firefighters as well as cancer prevention education programs nationwide.”

Much of the event’s success is thanks to the corporate partners whose sponsorship made possible free food, drinks, a swag bag and a memorable T-shirt. The key sponsors include KapplerFirst Line TechnologyFirst Call Environmental and All Safe Industries, who offered bourbon tasting flights from its home state of Kentucky.

“Our sponsors made all the difference in the world in making this a success,” Ambrose said. “We look forward to furthering our partnerships with them as this event grows in scope and purpose in the coming years.”

Hazmat response and training improves when hazmat professionals can build bonds and share their knowledge, Ambrose said. This annual event and the daily work at Hazmat Nation are dedicated to building those bonds.

About HazSim

HazSim is a firefighter-developed training platform that teaches hazmat responders how to use gas detectors during hands-on training evolutions using real-time readings, without the use of actual hazardous materials. The software and handheld device can be configured to replicate most major gas detectors on the market.

About Hazmat Nation

Hazmat Nation is an online publication dedicated to providing critical information to help hazmat responders be safer and more effective during training and operations.

About FCSN
Since 2005, the nonprofit Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) has provided assistance and one-on-one mentoring to thousands of cancer-stricken firefighters and their families. FCSN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more details, please visit firefightercancersupport.org.