HazSim PRO 2.0

hazsim hazmat

HazSim founder Phil Ambrose originally developed the HazSim Pro to increase the situational awareness of his peers and improve safety training through realistic experiences.   The HazSim Pro is currently used to train thousands of personnel in Fire, Military, Oil and Gas, and Power facilities across North America.  The system is used for basic hazwoper, HazMat Tech/Spec, Confined Space, and any training for those who encounter dangerous atmospheres.

‘The HazSim Pro 2.0 is a product of everything we have been learning as the leaders in hands-on simulation training’ says HazSim Founder, and Fire Captain Phil Ambrose.  ‘One of our company values is experience, and what we mean by this is not only is our staff experienced in safety training, but we learn from the experiences of everyone getting trained by HazSim’.  HazSim Pro 2.0 is able to simulate 4, 5, 6 gas meters as well as Radiation and WMD.  ‘We are excited about several new features available as well as future planned enhancements.