HAZMATTERS: Paulding County EMA

Today on this edition of HAZMATTERS, we are highlighting the responders from Paulding County EMA, from Paulding, Ohio.

The Paulding County Emergency Management Agency serves a population of around 19,000 with a mostly volunteer based team of 18. In their initial response area, the team has a potential response to 2 railroads, 2 major highways, 6 secondary state highways, and 28 reportable industrial facilities, 2 of which are an anhydrous ammonia storage facility, and a propane storage facility.

Each Team member is trained to either an Ops, or Technician level, which they maintain and keep current through their main fire department they serve with. The County LEPC then provides 4 specialized training drills each year to help supplement.

The team utilizes trailers to haul their HAZMAT response needs to and from scenes. One trailer strictly for DECON, and one for PPE and other primary response needs.

Todays HAZMATTERS is brought to you by HAZSIM.

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