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MANY years ago, in 1994, one of the first Fire Officer Development Seminar (FODS) was held in Sparks at the Nugget Hotel. At that time, all the fire chiefs in the area would take on specific committee tasks to make the FODS conference a huge success for the region and give everyone a warm welcome to Sparks.

The professional development of some of the finest fire officers began in those early years and continued throughout their careers. Many of the faces you see today behind FireShowsWest are the individuals who have spent tireless hours over the years planning and creating educational training opportunities to keep our firefighters safe and our chief officers better prepared to meet the challenges that each decade seems to bring.

Given the nature and complexities facing our men and women in the fire service who have dedicated their lives and careers in serving their communities, we thought this location would be a great place to “refresh and reconnect” after the COVID pandemic and rely on the roots of our growth to bring opportunities to our attendees, allowing them to make new connections and friendships toward their career growth.

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Date And Time

September 27, 2021

Venue :

Nugget Hotel Sparks, NV 89431

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