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Safe and effective training

HazSim Pro

HazSim Pro training system can be used in unlimited training scenarios for HazMat, Con Space, CERT, FRO, and more.

Set up a training scenario that challenges the ‘entry’ team to rely on interpreting what they get on the HazSim meter.  The system does not require any ‘physical emitters’ and uses no Hazardous Substances.

Use the system during classroom evolutions to explain actions at various meter readings.  Promotes interaction with the material and competition while using the interactive question/answer feature in the HazSim Pro.

cbrne simulator

When the team using the HazSim relays the information it sets the scenario in motion.  Other students hear realistic information and react accordingly.  For example: Survey team finds CO at Con Space Incident – triggers ventilation to happen… or should.  The instructor is able to set the evolution in motion WITHOUT getting in the way (by giving verbal cues).

HazSim can be set up ANYWHERE.  Perform full blown drills with no exposure issues to the public.   Also get the most out of your current props to enhance:

  • rollover prop (LEL)
  • confined space prop (Air Monitoring)
  • leaking tank/cylinder (define the hotzone)

Get the most out of all your training!