HazSim Pro - Safe Secure HazMat System And Training

HazSim Pro HazMat system & training system has been used to train across the U.S since 2011.

Rugged, Effective, & Affordable

HazMat System

  • Ruggedized handheld ‘HazSim’ meter. Becomes over 18 different meters.
  • Weatherproof Long Range LAN (Internet not needed, gets things connected)
  • Instructor Tablet (The server, where the instructor works the magic)
  • Power Cords Pelican Case (included, not shown)
  • Confined Space Probe (not shown)
Lots Of Meters In One

All in One

  • Over 18 different meters included (shown as a 5gas with Ammonia)
  • Ruggedized housing, touch screen (For the interactive feature)
  • Multi-gas – Four, ­five, or six gas meter display which includes Oxygen, Lower Explosive Limit
  • Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfi­de, Hydrogen Cyanide, Chlorine, Ammonia, and more
  • Radiation – alpha, beta and gamma
  • Audible Alarms
  • Individual Gas Feature – Display only one gas for specific industry training
  • PID Package – Multi-gas meters which include PID IBUT, ch4, and CO2 in ppm
  • Confined Space Probe (not shown)
Improve Your Students' Situational Awareness

Interactive Learning

  • Interactive – know exactly where your students are at on subjects
  • Instructor can send questions related to evolution in real time
  • Student answers questions via touch screen on HazSim
  • Questions Package – set of questions focused on specific training areas
  • Customized questions (RAD, FRO, ConSpace, Meter Basics)
  • Alarm Edit – Ability to change the default setting where HazSim alarms
Funding And Grants Available

Affordable Pricing

  • Pro System – Payment options available, contact us for pricing
  • Scalable – Additional handheld can be added for discounted price
  • Regional multi-unit and other price advantages offered
  • Purchased via UASI, HMEP, LEPC, Corporate Giving Programs, and other Fed, State and Local Grants. Contact us for assistance
  • Multiple Patents Granted and Pending, Sole Source Pricing
  • Outstanding customer and warranty support – we need you out training!
  • Save on repairs by NOT over using front line equipment in training
  • Can be used in field and classroom training to reinforce basics

Detailed video on setting up the system and how to use

HazSim is a state of the art training tool, it equips your HazMat teams and first responders with a realistic situational learning experience.  HazSim simulates Chemical and Radioactive (CBRNE) environments.  This hands-on, realistic, and interactive experience increases the effectiveness of your training for HazMat, USAR, Confined Space – Anywhere portable detection devices would be used to monitor the environment.

Take the Next Step to Improving Your Safety Training

Our HazSim Team of experts and innovative training solutions will help you get your training to the next level