The following is a training scenario used by Special Operations Command for a drill using their HazSim Pro training system.

Training Scenario

Boston Fire Hazmat crews respond to vehicle leaking unknown chemicals.

Boston Fire Hazmat units were called out early Wednesday afternoon after the driver of a sedan jumped a curb near Exeter Street and slammed into a tree.

Boston Police on scene noticed numerous 5-gallon chemical containers in the back of the vehicle which had toppled over, and were leaking. The driver reportedly got out and ran from the vehicle after the collision toward Storrow Drive , police said. At this time, fire officials could not comment on what the chemicals were but did confirm that the leaking containers did not leave the vehicle.

Hazmat and Firefighters were still on scene as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Training we conducted this week using the HazSim. It worked out excellent.
Boston Special Operations Command:
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