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Reduce Incidents, Injury and Death

Every year, more than 10% of first responder injuries and another 10% of line-of-duty deaths occur during training and more than 100 firefighters have died during training since 2003*.

”Let no person’s ghost return to tell you their training failed them.”

With the HazSim Systems, there is NO LONGER any excuse to expose your team or staff to unwarranted, unnecessary and unsafe environments while training. Our patented system is top-of-line and offers unlimited scenarios for USAR, Confined Space, Chemical (Multi-Gas) and Radiation environments.

This state-of-the art system was designed to give YOU the tools, including a dedicated computer/server and rugged “drop-safe” handheld devices with easy to read meter screens.

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About the HazSim

  • About the HazSim
    About the HazSim
  • Hands on HazMat Drills by HazSim
    Hands on HazMat Drills by HazSim
  • HazSim Training
    HazSim Training
  • HazSim brings realism to Drills
    HazSim brings realism to Drills

All HazMat Workers and First Response Units Need Safe Simulation Training

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that front line employees are adequately trained and are equipped with the knowledge and information necessary to conduct their jobs safely. With ongoing updates to OSHA HCS, you are under constant scrutiny to offer the most competitive product on the market.

The HazSim Systems offers a competitive edge to your company’s on-going safety training needs. Because you purchase the system, it is yours to use at any time. You can create unlimited training opportunities for ALL levels of safety staff.

Want to learn more? Contact us to get a quote or ask questions.

 *“LIVE TO TRAIN ANOTHER DAY” 06/16/2014 Brian P. Kazmierzak)

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Feed back about Hazsim training system

I use the HazSim to train students in proper air monitoring techniques. The HazSim lets me observe the students performing this task from a distance, so I do not influence their decisions. It is remarkable to see how students react to making their own decisions. The HazSim is a great training tool that I use for HazMat, Confined Space, Hot Work Permitting and general air monitoring technique scenarios.

Greg Lauf-All Risk Training:

One of the most common problems with training is creating scenarios with real time feedback. HAZSIM is the solution for providing real time feedback and it allows you to simulate scenarios as they would actually happen in the field. I highly recommend HAZSIM if you are looking for a way to engage your members in their training.

Jeff Brooks:

“Students in a hands-on class using HazSim said their training & overall learning experience was enhanced by having real readings from an instrument rather than by cue cards.”

– Ken Riddle, Deputy Chief (Ret) Executive Director, NFCA:

“Excellent solution! Looking forward to using it in multiple scenarios.”

– Safety Manager, BioTech Company:

“I have worked for a major Southern California law enforcement agency for the past 21 years, 11 of which have been as a CBRN Hazardous Materials Specialist. I can think of at least half a dozen instruments my unit deploys that we can utilize HazSim to train with on a regular basis.”

Deputy Sheriff responsible for Hazmat/WMD response and Preparedness:

“This instrument can make training as close to real as you can get!”

– Firefighter/HazMat Specialist Northern VA:

“We were spending a fortune on repairs to front line meters being damaged during drills!”

–Training Academy Instructor and HazSim customer: